I am so thankful for Cheryl Wooster! She is always such a positive reinforcement for me. I lost 5-7 pounds in six weeks with her as my Coach. I tend to think more carefully about what I am putting into my body now-a-days. I especially enjoy the great recipes she shares! Donna Connone

North Carolina

If you’re looking for a professional to motivate you, cheer you on, and help you find your success, Cheryl Wooster is your woman. I had the opportunity to work with her and observe the care and skill she put in to coaching, the results her clients achieved under her direction, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for support and guidance on working toward personal growth and change. Jessica McBride


Cheryl has been the most wonderful health coach from the first day I reached out. Not only has she walked me through a life changing diet, but she makes it fun and easy by constantly sharing suggestion for recipes, workouts, and self-transformation tips. Cheryl was able to find the root of my digestion problems with just a few short questionarries, and took the time to discuss how to transition to a gluten-free diet and lifestyle. She has been reliable and supportive with whatever questions or concerns that have surfaced, and she is always eager and willing to help in any way she can. Whether it be calling to check in and see how I’m doing, or sending articles and videos that contain helpful insight to my dietary and exercise needs, Cher has helped me to improve not only my energy level and digestion problems but my cravings have finally stopped too! Working with her really has made such a difference in my life! Laura Bedus

Farmington, Connecticut

At the beginning of the program I felt pretty upset and down on myself for letting myself be so unhealthy for so long. I wanted to finally make a change and not just talk about change. Cheryl helped me to put my goals into action. She not only motivates and sends off positive energy but she really does make being healthy easy and feasible for those who are busy bodies. I felt like Cheryl was always a message away with motivational quotes and healthy recipes whenever I needed her. She helped me push through each goal and every two weeks when we met I realized I not only met my goals, but surpassed them. I noticed with each session that I felt more energy. My body felt better because I was doing the right things with Cheryl’s guidance to make it feel better. I felt more confidence in my food prep and in my exercise routines. I never felt like I was “dieting” or depriving myself of yummy treats because she helped me to create a new healthy style of living and opened windows to new yummy recipes and treats that make my body feel good. I would at times feel guilty or hard on myself for not working out or meeting my goals but Cheryl helped me realize that sometimes your body needs rest too. Her approach is truly about you treating your body the way it deserves to be treated. You put in the work to make the change and Cheryl provides you with the tools and positive attitude to help you on your way there. Cheryl is easy going and all around a bundle of joy to work with! I would recommend anyone and everyone to work with her because she really does care about you and healthy living. Deana Carr

Asheville, North Carolina

It’s been a good week! I realized this morning I’ve lost 10lbs altogether since we started meeting up which was a surprise because I’ve been struggling to lose weight for a couple of years! I love the holistic approach I’ve been taking with eating well, sleeping well, and exercising when I can! Beth Cannone

Asheville, North Carolina

I actually made a conscious effort to slowly chew my food rather than just take bites and swallow. (I’m a grinder so my teeth are very flat). I didn’t have any fatigue or mental fog like I do after after every meal. I eat very healthy so the fact that healthy foods were bogging me down was terrible. It’s actually crazy how much of a difference taking the time to slowly chew my food has made! To think I’ve been feeling so lousy after eating (and eating healthy too) for years, and the solution has been there all along! Joey Petrowski

Asheville, NC

The Balanced Bodies program is a fantastic addition to my already structured routine. The advice and coaching Cheryl provides has helped accelerate my results and I am feeling much better as I go about my day. I was able to transition my bad habits into satisfied gains and it’s not only me noticing! More important than my progress, though, are the lessons and insight she is teaching me about my own body: weaknesses and imbalances were addressed and worked on, and now I’m over the cravings and feeling better than ever! Michael Methot

North Carolina

Working with Cher has been awesome. I was nervous at first, but she was the first person to actually meet me where I was and helped me finally discover what was actually causing my digestive problems. She is extremely knowledgeable, but was able to share her knowledge in a way that I too became knowledgeable about my body. The lab work numbers that my doctors always glazed over with me, she actually explained to me so that it all made sense. Her support and motivation kept me on track and I am so thankful that I made the decision to work with her! Evan Cain

Asheville, North Carolina

I recently decided that I needed to make an honest effort to live a healthier lifestyle. I immediately knew that Cheryl Wooster would be the perfect coach to help me reach my goals. I have known Cheryl for a few years now and her nutritional knowledge is very impressive. She recommended I try her 12-Day Detox program. At first I was nervous about doing the program but once she explained that this was more about helping to guide you towards making better wellness decisions and not necessary a detox, weight loss or quick fix, I was definitely interested in giving it a try. The program provides, recipes, activity booklets, mediation videos and educational booklets. Day 2 and 3 were the hardest days of the program but after day 3 I was noticing a change. I was sleeping better, being more active and most importantly I was making better food decisions and even craving more fruits and vegetables. The best part of this detox was Cheryl Wooster. She is a knowledgeable, supportive and motivational coach. She always checked in to make sure I was doing ok and answered all of my questions. Her daily emails were motivational and she inspired me to continue to incorporate the lessons I learned from this program beyond the 12 day mark. Overall, I would highly recommend Cheryl Wooster and her BalancedBodies Program, she will make a difference in your life! Katherine Kelly


Whenever I decided I wanted to lose a few pounds or I needed to eat healthier I would go on a diet, lose what I wanted to, go off my diet and gain it back. I would return to all my bad eating habits. I would try different exercise programs but they would fizzle out and nothing changed.When I met Cher she taught me how to eat for my body. She changed my whole outlook towards food. I am not on a diet, and thankfully I never will be again because what I have learned, and continue to learn, has changed my life.I started running and have continued to run regularly. It’s amazing how everything else in my life has fallen into place.I have never met someone who genuinely wants others to succeed more than Cher. She is extremely knowledgeable, incredibly helpful and always has time to talk. I recommend her to everyone and anyone looking to make positive changes with their health! Marianna Hickey

Manchester, Connecticut

The thing that sets Cheryl apart is her ability to make even your weirdest eating habits or largest struggles seem normal. Her knowledge of diet and nutrition, especially micronutrients, as well as her understanding that we all live in a world with birthday parties and Saturday nights makes the goals she helps you set for yourself realistic. I think my favorite thing that I learned from working with Cheryl is to think about the food you are about to put in your mouth in a new way. I am constantly asking myself, ‘what is this chip actually doing for my body?’ Sometimes I still eat it anyway but my self love and understanding of my body has reached new heights thanks to Cheryl. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take that next step in their health journey! Nicole Thomas

Springfield, MA


I get it, there’s nothing more personal than your health. 

Flashing back to 2012 is when everything began for me, at Keene State College in the good ol’ state of New Hampshire.

Here, I took a class that changed the course of my life. It not only helped me to begin my own personal journey to better health but made it far too easy for me to pick my major: Health Promotion and Wellness: Behavior and Health.

After graduating, I enrolled in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I became a Certified Health Coach.

The pieces were finally starting to come together.

I opened up BalancedBodies, my Health Coaching Practice. I dove right into working with people by giving nutritional seminars and workshops, as well as individual and group coaching.

I also joined forces with local doctors and wellness companies and was able to expand even further by helping to run a corporate wellness program in Western North Carolina.

A large part of what I do is encouraging and empowering my clients to be the best they can be, not to settle and to always be growing and feeling better.

In order to stay true to my clients (and myself) I then enrolled in the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Here I was extensively trained in Functional Medicine and am en route to have my certification within the year.

The puzzle pieces have all come together for me and I could not be more thrilled to help them come together for you too! It is more than possible to get where you want to be, all it takes is that first step!