Shakeology: My favorite quick and easy protein shakes! Loaded with all the nutrients, probiotics and digestive enzymes necessary to keep you feeling satisfied and full. Note: Always choose the vegan option as many people are sensitive to whey protein.

Pure Haven Essentials 100% Organic, Effective, Affordable, Local and safe skin and cleaning products, soaps, shampoos and essential oils.


Beachbody On Demand: Hundreds of awesome online workouts! Everything from Insanity, The 21 Day Fix, Yoga, Pilates and More!

Food Matters TV: Think Netflix – but for all things health and wellness! Guided detox programs, yoga, health documentaries, *lots* of recipes etc. Everything to help you on your journey to wellness all in one place!

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Juice Plus: Quick & easy way to get your fruit and vegetable intake needs into your body, on a cellular level. I use Juice Plus everyday. It’s my insurance policy, if you will, to ensure I’m getting the nutrients my body needs.

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Native: Deodorant goes on a very, very sensitive part of your body. It’s very important to make sure you know what your deodorant is made of and to use a brand you trust, not only keep you smelling good, but to help you maintain vibrant health as well!

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Do you know what’s in your wine?

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I’m very thankful to have found such a fantastic company. Being able to incorporate wine into a healthy lifestyle has been a huge game changer. It’s not about taking things out, it’s about finding healthier alternatives so that you can enjoy life!


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  • Sugar-Free (< 1g/L)
  • Low Sulfites (< 75ppm)
  • Low Alcohol (< 12.5%)
  • Mycotoxin/Mold-Free
  • No Additives
  • Dry-Farmed
  • Old Vines (35-100 yrs)
  • Hand harvested
  • Wild Native Yeast
  • Small Productions
  • Gluten-free
  • Paleo-Friendly
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Low Carb-Friendly
  • Mouthwateringly Delicious
  • Naturally or Biodynamically Farmed