I’m a Health Coach, chocolate fanatic and lover of all things green.


I appreciate the fact that many people’s journey to wellness did not always begin with happy yogi smiles or kale smoothies.


Trust me, mine was quite the opposite….


I can still recall my terrible mood swings and all too frequent trips to the mall to buy bigger, looser clothes.


Looking back, my daily trips to McDonalds for a “quick snack” of a cheeseburger, fries and soda…


… or my second breakfast of Mountain Dew and Skittles, most definitely did not help my case.


I was constantly bloated, tired and my anxiety was through the roof.


Throughout the years I have made many health upgrades, one step at a time. Sometimes I moved in a forward motion … other times backwards. But it’s all good, it was all a learning experience (although it would have been helpful to have had this reaffirmed at the time).


After years of cleaning up my diet I was finally at a weight I felt fabulous at and had a supercharged amount of energy! But then, life happened again…


… I was stressed. Like really, really stressed. I was overworking, overexercising, not taking anywhere near enough time for myself. I was working through lunch then plopping on the couch at night using food as my relaxation from the day. I was eating “well”, but still consuming foods and indulging in drinks that my body could only tolerate for so long. I was taking over the counter medications to help me sleep and then, tricked me body … again. I stopped taking the birth control that I had been on for ten years, cold turkey – in the midst of all of my bodies struggles and imbalances.


It was the perfect storm, unfortunately.



Long story short: I didn’t get my period for nearly two years, then gained 15 pounds in a few short months, my sleep got even worse and my energy levels plummeted while my anxiety sky rocketed again.


This was not an ideal time.


BUT, if it weren’t for my lack of period and extra pounds I may not have taken the steps to dig deeper and explore what was really going on. Rock bottom hormones (hello mood swings). Leaky Gut . Bottomed out stomach acid, digestive enzymes and gut microbes. Elevated thyroid antibodies. I’ll stop before this becomes a novel … but I share this with you because everything was out of balance; my gut, my hormones and honestly my life.


Flash forward and I’m in a much better place. I changed my supplement regime, taken out foods that were causing my body harm, toned down my exercise routine (I actually DEcreased it) and learned the importance of stress management and self care …


…and I must say, self care and de-stressing may have been the most difficult part. BUT here I am. It was hard at times but hey, I’m a work in progress, and I kinda think we all are :).


It’s funny to look back in time, I went from years ago: physically crying because I missed McDonalds breakfast; to now enjoying restaurants with the words “local” and “organic” plastered all over the menus. I went from overexercising and feeling guilty if I didn’t hit the gym for an hour 6 days per week … to enjoying gentle hikes, yoga and light weights. It’s like, pretty fun not stressing about it all, you feel me?


As I’m sure you can imagine these new found loves of mine did not come without a few bumps in the road.


This is why I am on a mission. My mission is to empower you to not settle for feeling just “fine” or “okay.” Not settling for a life of constant calorie counting, restriction and self-doubt. Life is meant to be incredible, full of laughs and smiles. You- yes YOU… deserve all of that and more.


Flashing back in time to 2012 is when my educational journey to wellness started, at Keene State College in the good ol’ state of New Hampshire. Here, I took a class that changed the course of my life. It not only helped me to begin my own personal journey to better health but made it far too easy for me to pick my major: Health Promotion and Wellness: Behavior and Health.

After graduating, I enrolled in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I became a Certified Health Coach.

The pieces were finally starting to come together.

I opened up BalancedBodies, my Health Coaching Practice. I dove right into working with people by giving nutritional seminars and workshops, as well as individual and group coaching.

I also joined forces with local doctors and wellness companies and was able to expand even further by helping to run a corporate wellness program in Western North Carolina.

A large part of what I do is encouraging and empowering my clients to be the best they can be, not to settle and to always be growing and feeling better.

In order to stay true to my clients (and myself) I then enrolled in the School of Applied Functional Medicine, where I became a Certified Applied Functional Medicine Coach. Here I was extensively trained in Functional Medicine and my world changed. This is when I took everything 117x steps farther for not only my own health, but for my clients health as well.


The puzzle pieces have all come together for me and I could not be more thrilled to help them come together for you too! It is more than possible to get where you want to be, all it takes is that first step!


Check out this video to see my interview and live Q&A with Food Matters founder, James Colquhoun.